About Bécancour Transformation Service (STB)

Located in the Industrial Port of Bécancour, we specialize in the metallurgy, minerals and various by-product areas of the industry.


Bécancour Transformation Services Inc. offers crushing, mixing, agglomeration, screening, drying, packaging, storage, loading and unloading services of all kinds. We also have an extensive research and development laboratory, mainly focused on process validation and product characterization.

The port, rail and road infrastructures, easily available by our distribution center, allows for the reception and shipping of products world-wide. Services de Transformation Becancour Inc can thus distribute the products of our partners and global manufacturers such as Elkem, Amcol, Covia, Larpen, Heraeus/Electro-Nite et Ask Chemicals.

The mission towards the community is closely followed by each of its 30 employees, whose professionalism and experience benefit customers and the entire community.