Our great team

Sustainable development is practiced on a large scale at Minéraux Mart; it affects the economic, social and environmental fields. The economic aspect are the commercial activities of Mineraux Mart, the success of which is essential to the other two aspects. The social characteristic is partly covered by the realization of community projects such as the Résidence du Carré Royal and the Contrecœur Regional Sports Center.

In 2004, Michel Beaudoin set up Le Groupe Zabo, which is a group of business people from the region who decided to get involved in the project of revitalizing the Contrecoeur Regional Sports Center which was about to close its doors. The mission of the center is to provide a first-rate installation that the entire population can profit from, in a context of regrouping the metallurgical corporations and the economic community of the area.

2005, Christiane St-Germain and Michel Beaudoin acquired a historic building located in downtown Sorel-Tracy and decided to give it a community mission. Thus, was created the Résidence du Carré Royal, the management of which was entrusted to a No-Profit Organization that aims to improve the quality of life of people with multiple sclerosis by offering them a stimulating, warm and serene living environment and allowing them to benefit from the best services available. The couple then set up the Foundation de la Résidence du Carré Royal in collaboration with the Multiple Sclerosis Society Rive-Sud (ASPRS), which provides respite care for periods of one to two weeks.

Michel Beaudoin

Chairman and CEO

Martin-Pier Beaudoin

Assistant General Manager