Research and development

Our process validation and product characterization laboratory allow us to stay at the forefront of the market and offer the most complete range of services. The laboratory functions as a test unit and is used to experiment with processes or new products in limited quantities. We can thus validate the feasibility with much more ease before moving on to the industrial production stage.

We are equipped with laboratory-sized (smaller scale) equipment, the same as the production equipment we have in the factory for screening, crushing and agglomeration. We can also offer quality control services during production for grain sizes and distributions, hardness and humidity tests.

We have chemists who analyze and control the quality of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products, as well as the chemical manufacturing processes in the laboratory or in the factory. These chemists ensure the effectiveness of the sampling methods used and prepare special solutions for testing. They also interpret test results and write reports on their findings. They must analyze the processes and products in an exact and precise manner in order to eliminate any product that does not comply with the requirements.

Precise chemical analysis

We are equipped with several types of laboratory equipment for the characterization of raw materials, finished products or by-products. We have 2 XRF analyzers to carry out the chemical analysis of products used in the metallurgical field. Our specialists are able to do the complete characterization and subsequently produce detailed reports.

Environment friendly operations

Our companies have obtained all necessary legal authorization certificates. We are constantly on the lookout for new rules or regulations that must be complied with. Respect for the environment is a very important aspect of our group’s philosophy.