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Products available

MMI distributes Elkem Metal Canada products over Eastern Canada. We offer the whole line of Elkem’s inoculants and MgFeSi products :

• Foundry grade
• Superseed 50%
• Superseed 75%
• Superseed Extra
• Foudrisil
• 75% FeSi
• 50% FeSi
• 75% FeSi low AI
• Reseed-Ultraseed
• The majority of Elkem’s MgFeSi grades

Please visit www.foundry.elkem.com for more information.

Here are other available products :

• Foundry sand (green and core)
• Graphite
• FerroChromiun (high and low Carbon)
• Calcium Carbide
• FerroManganese (high and low Carbon)
• Electrolytic Manganese
• SilicoManganese
• Metallic Silicon
• FerroPhosphorus
• Fluorspar

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