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July 30th, 2009

Minéraux Mart Inc is pleased to announce that their President and General Manager, Michel Beaudoin, was elected in the spring of 2009 as Administrator for the Employer Members’ Section of the Quebec Sectorial Committee for the Metallurgical Workforce.

This non profit organization regroups representatives from enterprises and workers’ unions in the metallurgical industry (primary transformation). Michel’s mission will be to respond to sector needs in terms of employment, training and helping to discern the necessary changes to be undertaken in the work force.

The Quebec Sectorial Committee for the Metallurgical Workforce serves 145 company members in the primary transformation of material division and their approximately 28,000 workers.


July 29th, 2009
American Foundry Society (AFS) – Eastern Canada Chapter

The AFS Eastern Canada Chapter is the Quebec section of the American Foundry Society, an association founded in 1896 with close to 10,000 members in more than 47 countries.

The mission of this organization is to promote the industry and its partners by offering training sessions, networking and updating technological advances in order to improve competitiveness and increase trade for their members. The Eastern Canada Chapter of the AFS is presently comprised of 150 members.

Minéraux Mart Inc. is proud to announce that their President and General Manager, Michel Beaudoin, was elected President of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Canada Chapter of the AFS in the fall of 2008 and will serve a mandate of 3 years.

As President of the Board of Directors, Michel’s first official task was organizing a conference of notable importance, the mission of which was to paint an accurate portrait of the current situation in the metallurgical business sector. With the theme “The Metals Market Situation in 2009”, this conference illustrated in detail the challenges created by the present economic crisis to all those present, an audience which included members of the AFS and their business partners and associates.

For your interest we have attached the comments of one of our local journalists, Mr. Jean Doyon of the Sorel Tracy Magazine, who was present at the event.
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November 10th, 2008
Quebec Enterprise Magazine Fall 2008
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Mar 26 2008 12:00AM
Always in expansion...
MINÉRAUX MART INC., Material Division is proud to be a Canadian distributor of Fairmount Minerals products.
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Jun 30 2007 12:00AM
On the road to ISO9001:2000
As part of the registeration process for ISO9001:2000, Mineraux Mart's quality management system was pre-assessed on June 29th, 2007. Zero non conformities were raised, and four opportunities for improvement were brought up. These opportunities will be quickly addressed by the quality assurance person in order to continuously improve our system and our methods.


Jun 15 2007 12:00AM
New quality policy for Mineraux Mart Inc.
"Mineraux Mart Inc. commits itself to supplying complete services in mineral and ferroalloy supplies that will meet and surpass its clients' needs. In this line of thought, Mineraux Mart Inc. is obliged to supply services and products of superior quality, by administrating efficiently the organisation's internal and external ressources while maintaining a safety oriented environment. Mineraux Mart's orientation towards quality is essential. Therefore, the company is expected to continously improve and develop its quality management system. "


Jun 13 2007 12:00AM
Aiming for ISO9001:2000
Minéraux Mart Inc. is currently putting together its quality management system in order to be registered ISO9001:2000 by November 2007.